Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Pursuit of a Life More Organized

On Christmas Eve last year, at my officemate Joy's suggestion, I went to the nearest Powerbooks branch (the one in Shangri-la Plaza) to buy an organizer.

Now, marketing work is seldom easy, with so many things cooking all at the same time. Plus, trying to build a life as a newlywed (at a little over a year and six months since our rushed wedding mayhem, I still consider myself a newlywed!) and keeping track of the family's social calendar make being organized all the more important.

From the time I received my first school diary to write my homework assignments in, I have been searching for the organizer that is perfect for me. Back in high school, when the cool (read: moneyed) kids bought their organizers from Tickles in Glorietta, I bought one of the generic ones in National BookStore. I compensated for my organizer's lack of individuality (no clotch cover with bear prints) by pasting all sorts of pictures and my own poetry to really make it my own. I revived my organizer habit back when I was in JobStreet and I bought the last copy of the Franklin Covey Organizer in National Bookstore. I got quite frustrated later on, as I couldn't find refills and had to resort to photocopying the planner pages I wanted. I also bought a Palm Tungsten E but I sold it a year later when I bought my first laptop. In 2007, Hubby Volts gave me with a nearly filled-up coupon for the Starbucks Planner, and when Starbucks had the "double your stickers promo," I bought six of their featured blends and gave them away at the office just to complete the required stickers and get the planner.

However, I didn't feel that Starbucks 2009 Planner was worth the same amount of trouble (or money) just to get it so I decided to look for one that suits me and just buy it. Hence my trip to Powerbooks Shangri-la.

At first, I was interested in This Journal will Actually Change Your Life but the chic cover design of the Belle de Jour Power Planner caught my eye. Designed for the Pinay fashionista (which, fortunately or unfortunately, I am not), the planner is filled with little sayings on female empowerment and tips on fashion, grooming and travel, as well as distinctly "female" sections such as a Menstrual Tracker and a Health Checker. I ended buying the planner but disposing of the many coupons stuffed in there. I love it for having an appointments portion and a space for a daily to-do list at the bottom. This makes it so much easier for me to plan my days.

Since then, I have used this organizer to plan and monitor my tasks as well as track my business, personal and family schedules.

However, I would prefer an organizer that has more organizing tools for working women like me such as a project planning and monitoring section but this may not be in line with the planner's "fashionista" core market.

All in all, I'm quite happy with my BDJ Planner and I'm looking forward to getting the 2010 BDJ Planner next year.

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