Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Kabab Place in Robinsons Pioneer

One of hubby's preferred cuisines is Mediterranean. I had a passing interest ever since I saw the "Kabab ni Bob" place in one of my favorite movies. However, when hubby discovered Behrouz in Metrowalk, he would always try to convince me to go there but I would often go halfheartedly because (1) the place didn't have a pleasant ambiance (the interior looked like a cheap cafeteria; plus, there's a talking parrot that caws while you eat) and (2) the prices were astronomical. Between the two of us, hubby and I would spend over P800!

I took advantage of my "pregnant wife privileges" and refused to eat there from the third month of pregnancy onwards but having given birth last December, I really didn't have any excuse anymore. Since then, knowing that hubby would sometimes crave for his kabab fix, I have been looking for an alternative to Behrouz.

I was in Robinsons Pioneer this afternoon with hubby, my kids and my in-laws and while I was strolling around, I came across a newly-opened Mediterranean resto called Pasha. Scanning their menu, I determined that their prices were reasonable so I resolved to suggest that we go there for dinner.

As expected, hubby welcomed my suggestion (with much enthusiasm!).

It turns out that Pasha is still on dry run. Their menu is not yet complete and the dining area downstairs from their main hall is still in disarray.

As for the food, we ordered Chicken Kabab Platter, Beef Kabab Platter and some shawarmas. The taste was pretty decent. I'm sure hubby appreciated the heat from the chilis. My baby girl Mica doesn't like spicy food so she ended up eating leftover spaghetti from our snack earlier in KFC. The bottomless Lipton Iced Tea they served was a perfect companion to all the spice. The presentation looked quite authentic (the kababs were alternated with tomatoes, peppers and onions in skewers which Behrouz does not even bother to do) and the mutabal was better than most I have tasted.

Best of all, though, is the price. Total bill for five people amounted to a little less than P900 (they applied a 10% introductory discount but for a meal for five at P180 per head is great!). The place could still work out some kinks (eg. the waiter got my brother-in-law's order wrong, the bill was pretty slow in arriving, etc.)

All in all, I would recommend Pasha as an alternative to pricier restos if you're craving your own kabab fix.

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